Learning Lab – Theology In Life

4-Week Session

Wednesday Nights

May 17–June 14

(break on June 7)

6:30-8:30 PM

This past Learning Lab was titled Theology in Life - How the way we think about God and our relationship with Him affects our lives, from vocation and relationships, singleness and marriage, hope and shame, morality and meaning. First we examined what are considered essential Christian doctrines and why. We took a deep dive into the theology of the Trinity. We looked at the ways people form their theological beliefs. And lastly, we applied what we learned to the contemporary theological issue of hermeneutics (interpreting scripture). Find the notes from the sessions below. For access to the recordings, please contact kenny@theregenerationchurch.com.

Documents & Notes

• 5/17/23 Part 1 - Theological Triage: The Essentials - Link

• 5/24/23 Part 2 - The Trinity – Link

• 5/31/23 Part 3 - How We Form A Theology – Link

6/14/23 Part 4 – Contemporary Theological Issues – Link

Biblical Interpretation Cheat Sheet – Link

What Are Learning Labs?

Learning Labs are fun and intriguing ways to continue to grow as followers of Jesus in a collaborative and interactive learning environment. The definition of a “lab” is any place, situation, or set of conditions conducive to experimentation, investigation, observation. Learning Labs enhance participation amongst fellow learners who have a desire to grow as disciples of Jesus. They are 2-4 week sessions led by people who are doing the work and growing in the field they are teaching. These specialized Learning Labs focus on a particular topic together for a short period of time. Learning Labs provide:

  1. A community of Jesus followers who together are seeking to grow in knowledge and application of what they learn. The community provides conversation, stimulates prayer, learning, and fellowship.
  2. A theological lens to make sense of life and the world instead of seeing things through merely a cultural, political, or personal lens. The truths of scripture are learned as we dig deep together, questions are freely asked, and curiosity is welcomed. 
  3. Loving shepherds/pastors/guides to help us along the way.