A Note From Pastor Matt

Dear Friend,

I want to personally welcome you, not just as you visit our website, but as you prayerfully consider visiting our church, or making ReGeneration your church home. 

The Bible says that we are the Body of Christ, that we are family; and we want to provide as many different opportunities for the family of God to gather and to grow as we can. There are lots of ways to get involved and to get connected. In addition to our Sunday morning and Wednesday night worship services, we have regular meetings for Men, Women, Married Couples, College-age and Youth group. We have a full children's ministry with care for the nursery and toddlers, and wonderful pastors and teachers who share God's Word and teach it to our kids just like we do in the main services on a level they can understand.

Here at ReGeneration Church, we put a high importance on the Word of God, because the Bible tells us that God, Himself, puts a high importance on the Word of God. The Bible tells us that He elevates His Word, even above His own name.  Because of this, we teach through the entire Bible in an expositional way - book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse. 


And what you find, is that as you systematically study through the whole counsel of God, you really begin to truly know the heart and mind of God - and when you know the heart and mind of God you begin to understand what God really desires from you and for your life, and you are able to understand the consistency of our God and His love and His heart for us.


My heart for ministry is simple – to point people to our wonderful King of Kings.

Looking unto Jesus,

Pastor Matt