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ReGeneration Church is affiliated with a network of churches which includes the original Calvary Chapel ministry, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, pastored by Chuck Smith. Pastor Chuck founded Calvary Chapel in the late 60's in a time when most traditional churches were turning away the next generation because of the length of their hair and the counter-culture life-style which they practiced. Driven by a burden for that generation, Pastor Chuck reached out to them with love and understanding and without compromise of Christian principles. A result of this outreach was the birthing of the "Jesus Movement."

Thirty years later, with 1200 plus affiliates nationally and several hundred internationally, ministering to approximately 300,000 people, Calvary Chapels are still reaching out to the lost and attempting to love the unlovable. They are best known for their strong emphasis on the teaching of God's Word and the application of that Word to every day life. High importance is also placed on worship which consists of contemporary style music, designed to put the believer in a place of intimate communion with God and ready their heart for His Word.

Feeding the flock of God by consistently accurately teaching His Word is the primary focus of Calvary Chapel. It is also our main belief concerning evangelism, that "sheep beget sheep" and that as God's people are fed the Word, they will naturally lead others to Christ.


In 2013, the Lord began a fresh and new work at our local church here in Scotts Valley. While we continue to be blessed to be a part of the Calvary Chapel family, and while we are the same church, our name has changed to ReGeneration Church. It’s not simply a change for change sake, but a response to what we believe is a fresh work of God. 

We realize that unless the Holy Spirit does a work in our lives and church and community, we have no hope of real change, real revival. We have the constant need for the Lord’s touch in our lives and ministry and believe God is doing a work of renewal.  

Watch the service from Sunday, September 14th, of 2014, when we shared about the change with the church. 

questions about the name change

Here are some FAQ's we prepared when the original announcement was made:


1. A Description of New Life

“Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and renewing of the Holy Spirit.” –Titus 3:5

The Calvary Chapel movement began when the Lord led a man named Chuck Smith to take over a small chapel in Costa Mesa, CA in 1968. It was a small church of about 25 people who were sincerely seeking God’s heart and looking for a pastor who would be open to the new work God was leading their church into. Pastor Chuck was looking for a church where he could teach the Word of God simply, be led by the Spirit of God, and love the people. For Pastor Chuck, one of the advantages of the name “Calvary Chapel” was that it was new and fresh and people couldn’t put them into a box. People had to find out for themselves what they were all about. We believe the Lord is doing something new again in our church. 

There are many “church” people and cultural “Christians” today that are not born again – or regenerated. Our heart is that whenever we invite people to ReGeneration Church or tell them the name of our church, it is a declaration and reminder that the Spirit of God changes people from the inside out. When people ask us about ReGeneration, we want to tell them first about Christ and how He regenerates a person even before we tell them about our church. Regeneration is not about life improvement or life enhancement, but transformation when a person trusts in Christ and receives a new identity in Him. Being regenerated (born again) is not something we do. It’s what He does in us. The name provides us with a chance – an open door – a conversation starter to share what Jesus does in a person who surrenders to Him, trusts Him and is saved by Him. 

2. Generations

“One generation shall declare Your works to another, and declare Your might acts.” –Psalm 145:4

ReGeneration Church is also about the generations. The heart of God is to reach every generation and to use each generation to be a blessing to the next. Yet statistically, the church in America is losing this generation. Why? The answers are many, but I believe one of the keys is that we have lost the practice of inter-generational ministry. Rather than segregating the youth from the kids from the senior citizens, we need to engage each generation. We have a passion for the mandate and calling not only to reach the youth, but to empower them and to learn from them also. We believe every 16 year old should know some 6 year olds and some 60 year olds too! Remember, we are called to make disciples. While we will still have age-based groups, there will be a lot more interaction and ministry together. Each generation should declare God's works to another generation! 

3. A Venture of Faith

‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts. – Zechariah 4:6

Currently, ReGeneration Church’s meeting place is in Scotts Valley. After two years of looking for property in Santa Cruz, the Lord providentially opened the door for us here. Since that time, two local churches (West Side Community Church and Calvary Chapel Capitola) have been planted or reinvigorated by people from our church body. Another church (Refugio) has been planted in Peru from people that have gone out as missionaries. Regeneration happens as new life and ministries spring up from the church. While our church is reaching new people in the Santa Cruz mountains and Scotts Valley, we still have a heart for greater Santa Cruz. Our hope and prayer is that the Lord would continue to use us to reach our community, our schools, and our cities in an even greater capacity. As we allow Him to lead us in the Great Commission to make disciples throughout Santa Cruz County and the world, we are praying about other ventures of faith. 

Pastor Chuck once wrote, "It's always an exciting thing to give God a chance to work. God wants you to be a part of what He is doing. God doesn't want to stop working, so it's important for us to discover what He wants to do… We need to step out and see what the Lord might do. But, as we step out in faith, there has to be a guard against presumption." We just want to follow His leading and be open. 


ABSOLUTELY! We believe the Lord is doing a great work in and through the Calvary Chapel Movement. While the body of Christ is a LOT bigger than any one movement, denomination or group of churches however, we are so blessed by the family of churches we are a part of. Our unity in Christ only makes our diversity that much richer. Calvary Chapel is not a denomination. We’re not even opposed to denominations – just the overemphasis on certain non-essential doctrines and beliefs that can divide us. 

Here are some of our family traits as a Calvary Chapel church:

•Keeping the Gospel central and a heart for evangelism

•The priority of teaching through the Bible book by book, verse by verse

•Spiritual church leadership that is simple

•A reliance upon the work of the Holy Spirit

•Biblical view of spiritual gifts for today

•Emphasizing God’s grace

•Trusting that where God guides, God provides

•Being motivated by and hopeful in the imminent rapture of the church

•The supremacy of love for God and love for others

•A view of salvation that is biblically balanced

•Taking ventures of faith


We don’t use phone books anymore :) If we still did, we probably wouldn’t have considered changing our name because some people were looking at headings specifically for a Calvary Chapel. Now if people just do a Google search for us under Calvary Chapel, we’ll still show up. But we’ll show up under ReGeneration church too. 


The change has already taken place. We’d been praying about it for a year and then shared it with many of our leaders who had also been praying. We’re moving forward in unity and really sense God’s hand even amongst other pastors we have shared with. On Sunday, September 14th, 2014, we shared with the whole church body. We’ve secured a DBA, a website domain name, changed our logo, and given our website a fresh coat of paint. Most of the physical and visual changes were seen in September 2014, but we pray that the changes the Holy Spirit is doing in us will continue. 

Word: re-gen-er-a-tion

Part of Speech: noun

Definition: 1) the process of regenerating; the state of being regenerated; rebirth or renewal 2) the process of breathing new life into 2) recovery from decline 3) replacement by new growth 4) restoration or renewal 5) regrowth of lost or destroyed parts or organs

Synonyms: change, exhilaration, invigoration, reproduction, reanimation, reawakening, reconstruction, recreate, reestablish, refreshment, rejuvenation, renewal, renovation, reproduction, restoration, revival  

6 Ways to Prepare for ReGeneration Church

The goal of our church is to connect with the Lord, to allow the Holy Spirit to move and to grow together as Jesus’ disciples. Here are a few of the ways that we can strengthen this ministry. 

1. Be outreach focused. – Most people would come to church if a friend invited them. At work, school, and where we live, we are missionaries seeking to live out the Gospel and share the love of Christ with others. 

2. Share ReGeneration. - On the web, in announcements, and social media. 

3. Make it first rate. - Let’s make sure our worship teams are ready to lead us into a time of worship and the pastor is ready to share a message from Word that has been prayed over and wrestled with. Children’s ministry, greeters, video, and hospitality teams serve with excellence!

4. Intergenerational Ministry. – Seniors in high school and senior citizens. We want to unify the body of Christ, not segregate it. There will still be times for youth groups and 2nd Half ministry to seniors, but we also value intergenerational ministry and encourage ministry to one another. 

5. Be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. – As we seek the Lord’s leading there will be times when the flow of service may be different that week. We truly want to be led by the Holy Spirit and to expect God to work! LifeChurch on Wednesday nights will also provide a more intimate time of seeking the Lord together.

6. PRAY! - Above all, make sure we spend some time in prayer about AND FOR ReGeneration Church. Prayer is the oxygen of the church and in prayer we declare our dependence on the Lord.