Leadership Huddle '21

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” –Matthew 6:33


October 8-9


ReGeneration Church




Rooms are available to rent at Mount Hermon for Friday night for $100.

Single, double, and triple occupancy rooms are available.

Click here to rent a room


John Snoderly, Matt Valencia, Tim Brown, Kevin Fitzgerald

Dear Calvary Chapel Pastors,

When Jesus, our Savior, came into the world, He was born into a time of incredible volatility. Cesar was the emperor and some would say “Cesar is God''. The people of Israel were subjected to oppressive authority. Harsh legalists battled liberal theologians. There was an ethnic divide between Jew and Gentile, and there seemed to be a heightened presence of demonic activity. It was in this context that Jesus reminded those who were following Him to “seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” King Jesus gave us the way to live as followers of Christ who were citizens of another kingdom - God’s kingdom. God’s good and beautiful kingdom stands in contrast to the world in 2021 just as it did in 30AD. Our King bids us to live in such a way to win those who are living in the kingdom of darkness to want to join us. This is what our Leadership Huddle ‘21 is about.

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4:00pm – Check-in at Mount Hermon (for those who will be staying there)

6:30pm – Dinner @ ReGeneration Church

8:00pm – Worship

  • SESSION 1  - John Snoderly, “Identity”
    In the past 18 months, identity in a “cancel culture” seems to be on everyone’s minds. People, even some Christians, have often identified more with an ideology or political stance than with the way of Jesus.  Theology leads to identity; allegiance to Jesus above every other alliance.

SATURDAY, OCT. 9         

8:00am – Breakfast       

9:15am Worship

  • SESSION 2 - Matt Valencia, “Understanding the Times”
    Walking in the love, grace and truth of God in a post-Christian culture. This session will cover the need for biblical discipleship, koinonia, and developing a culture of compassion without compromise. There will be special attention given to learning to listen to others in intergenerational ministry.

10:30am – Worship

  • SESSION 3 - Tim Brown, “The Ministry of a Peacemaker”
    Are you a peacemaker or a troublemaker? The Church and the world desperately need peacemakers to wade into broken relationships and a toxic environment poisoned with suspicion and bring the peace of Christ. What are the characteristics of a peacemaker?

12:00pm – Lunch - A special time of fellowship in the Redwood Grove


  • Gender Matters - A vision for life and ministry that reflects the heart of God for women and men. How can we faithfully disciple men and women, appreciate the differences and lead in the complementary roles God has for us.
  • Ministry in the World - If all Christians are called to the great commission, how can we faithfully minister to others on the college campus and in the workplace? How can we equip the people in our church to “do the work of the ministry” and show the love of Christ in their workplaces and schools?

3:00pm – Worship

  • SESSION 4 - Kevin Fitzgerald, “Renewal in the Spirit”
    Most of the people I know in ministry are overwhelmed and overcommitted. Many leaders are overwhelmed. All the uncertainty, changes and fear with Covid hasn’t helped much in this regard. How do we personally experience life in the Spirit? How can we minister to others with a non-anxious presence? This may be the most important session of the Huddle.