regen kids

At ReGen, we make sure that God's little ones have a great place to root and grow.


We have five classes, and group our ReGen Kids by what we think will best suit their needs and abilities. Kids learn best when the Word is taught at their level.

  • nursery

    For our youngest ReGen kids, from birth to baby days.

  • toddlers

    For those starting to be on the move, who need some extra space to roam.

  • littles

    For those getting ready or just starting out in school.

  • middles

    For our younger school-aged kids, rooted and ready to learn and grow.

  • bigz

    For our older elementary kids, eager to dig-in deep to the Bible.

what you'll find at reGen Kids

The Bible:  Each of our weekly classes use The Gospel Project which covers the entire Bible every three years. Firmly rooted in the Scriptures, it helps all of our ReGen Kids learn to apply the timeless truths of the Word to their own lives. 


Worship:  On Sunday mornings, our Towering Redwoods join the church with their teacher for musical worship in the sanctuary, while the Sprouts, Saplings, and Oaks have their own special worship time together back in the big room.


Safety & Security:  At ReGen, we use KidCheck online secure children's check-in to help ensure the safety and security of all of our kids. To create your free family account, just go to before you attend service. If you need help setting up your account, our Sunday team is available to assist.


If you're visiting and your children need some extra assurance, feel free to go with them and stay in class until they are comfortable.  


Please let us know how we can help make church a great experience for your ReGen Kids!