Fall 2019 lifegroups

If you're looking for a way to engage in life here at ReGen, consider one of our LifeGroups that run at different times throughout the year. These groups are a great way to slow down and make connections outside of weekly services, and offer a chance for more in-depth discussions on the weekly Sunday morning sermons.

Most of the Fall 2019 LifeGroups will be starting the week of September 22! If you are interested in signing up for a group, tables will be set up on Sunday after service. Or to register online, click the link below.

These are the available groups:

• Monday Nights, 6:30pm (starting Oct 7)

Led by Ben & Sharon Barber; meeting in Mt. Hermon at the Barbers' home

• Tuesday Nights, 7pm (starting Sep 24)

Led by Michael & Melissa Woodburn; meeting in Scotts Valley at Sandy Scott’s home

• Thursday Nights, 7pm (starting Sep 26)

Led by Glenn & Patty Shore; meeting in Boulder Creek at the Shores’ home

• Friday Nights, 7pm (starting Sep 27; meets every other week)

Led by Mike & Brenda Weybright; meeting in Midtown Santa Cruz at the Weybrights' home


what is a lifegroup?

LifeGroups are small groups that meet in various places at various times and are great connection points outside of main church services. 

They provide an environment where people are able to cultivate meaningful Christian relationships. They are for adults of all ages, stages of life, and spiritual maturity.  

Life Groups help us…

    Draw people in and draw them out. People are invited in fellowship which opens them up to be able to share with others. 

    Build friendships. God created us to be part of a larger community and in relationships with others. 

    Share life. In community we are able to bear one another’s burdens, celebrate with those who are celebrating and grieve with those who grieve. We can “do life” together, serve, have fun, share meals. 

    Get people into the Word. People are coming from all kinds of different backgrounds, but being able to ask questions, study, read and dialogue encourages people in the Word. 

    Break down walls. Our goal is to be an inter-generational, diverse church. Life groups bring people together from different backgrounds, married and single, rich and poor, mature believers and seekers.  

All of our LifeGroups meet in the community with a desire to see spiritual growth in practice and to reach out to the community. We want to see people inviting friends and neighbors to experience and see what Jesus said when He told the disciples that all people would know we are His disciples by our love for one another. 

Each group is also praying about how to actively use their collective gifts, talents, and resources to minister outside of the walls of the homes.  

You can sign up to be a part of a Life Group at the Info Kiosk or you may call or e-mail the church office. We'd like to encourage you to consider where God has called you to participate and join in the mission of a specific group and plant roots there in attendance, service, and in community.