Day 12 – This is My Beloved Son. Listen to Him.


Scripture to Read: Mark 9:2-13

The last time we heard these words from the Father were at the time of Jesus’ baptism. At the beginning of Jesus’ ministry and at the end, we hear the Father say, “this is My beloved Son.” The Father affirmed Jesus with those words while He was on earth, but He wanted others to hear it also. Because of what Jesus has done on the cross, we can hear those words too. You are His beloved son or daughter. You belong to Him; that’s who you are.

Father, thank You for speaking those words to Jesus so the disciples could overhear it also. Jesus, you were not just a Man. You are the Son of God. Thank You for the transfiguration that reminds me of Your glory. I will see You as You are someday.

A.C.T.S. and F.A.S.T.

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